I am actually becoming more organized!

I bought an IPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and the Goodnotes app.  With these tools I am able to use a planner just as I would a paper planner.  The handwriting on the IPad with the Apple pencil is excellent and I am able to write with the legibility and flexibility of a pen and paper but my planner never grows in size.  I can add as many pages as I want and it never grows an ounce!  My bag with my planner no longer causes me to lean to one size or have back aches from carrying around the notes and planner pages that I need to have available in my work!

After using the iplanner and several other planner versions on the IPad over the past several months, I am trying out a Self-Journal PDF file from the Best Self Company.  They have a PDF file available on their website for people to try the planner.  I am modifying it somewhat to suit my needs but with the Goodnotes App I am able to add in pages as I need them but use the structure of the goal setting and daily planning with the gratitude sections to start and end each day, I am finding myself concentrating on the things that matter and not just checking off items that need to be done!   I have only been using this format for a few days but I think it is going to work and still allow me the flexibility to have plenty of notes with the planner.  I like the structure for only three months at a time.  I think this will help me keep realistic goals and time planning!

I am also striving to become more organized in my home and office settings by reducing the clutter in my life.  I am trying to reduce the clutter in my digital files, the physical clutter in my home and office and car, and just the cluttered feeling of everything in my life.  I am beginning to make progress in the past couple of weeks as I am using the self-journal to organize my time.  I am not de-cluttered yet but I am getting there!  Progress is the goal for this area as perfection will probably never be realistically achieved!

More to come soon,