I am still getting organized but I am making progress!

As readers of my blog know, I have struggled for years with actually getting organized.  I have been through every planner or planning method I could find over the years!

I have found something that finally works!  I have downloaded the PDF Version of the Best Self Company’s Best Self Planner.  The PDF and the Best Self Journal are meant to be used as a paper planner but those don’t work for me so I converted the PDF into a digital planner by importing the PDF into the Goodnotes app on my IPAD!  This is actually working for me!  I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I am making continual progress on my goals for the next three months!

The Self Journal Website:

The Self Journal PDF


The journal keeps me focused on the important things and to celebrate the stuff I did get done that day/week so that I don’t focus all the time on the stuff I haven’t gotten to yet but instead spend some time celebrating what I did finish!  This helps me to not get discouraged by all that still needs to be done.

I also like the gratitude sections to help me appreciate what I have and the good things in my life.  I thought when I first started using the BSJ (Best Self Journal) that this would be one of those sections I wouldn’t really use but I do enjoy it.  I am feeling better now.  Even when things don’t go as planned, the Gratitude Sections help me to be thankful and hopeful instead of always thinking of what I don’t have or what I want for the future.  Sometimes you just need to refocus so that you can appreciate the now and not always be thinking of what you can have in the future.  I need to focus on appreciating the journey and not the end result some of the time.

More to come soon,