Our Family

Our family begins with Mom and Dad getting married in the hallway of her parents’ home on St. Patrick’s Day in 1967.   Mom was just 15 and Dad was 19.  Most of both families said their marriage wouldn’t last long but I guess they have proven them wrong with their 50 years together.

I came along a couple of years later followed by Tammy in a short 23 months.  Then,  Mike finished up our family tree four years later.

Or family remained our little group of five for many years and then in 2000 we began to expand our tree.   Tammy married Kevin and then Austin came along in October.  Mike met Kitty and Mileena and we added more branches when Mike and Kitty got married.   Then,  Joey was born and Mike and Kitty’s branches expanded again.  Then, Jay and  Tommy added more branches to Tammy and Kevin’s side of the tree.   Once again or tree was complete for some years.

Then, in 2015 Mileena and Nic became a couple and Andro was born.

In May we had a tragedy and Kevin died on May 9th.

(Note on this and any other pages concerning living relatives I will be leaving out a lot of information due to the public format of a web page.)