Treasure Chest Thursday: Summons signed by Jesse James JP

Originally Published February 3, 2011

State of Arkansas

County of Washington

You are hereby commanded to summons Jake Martins to appear be me my office in White River Township on the 2nd Day of March 1882 at 10 o’clock A.M. then ?? to testify in case pending wherein GW Young Plantiff and Andrew Robbins is dependent.

Given under my hand this 29 day of February 1882.

Jesse H James JP.

I don’t think this is that “Jesse James”  but it took a few moments the first time I saw it to make that conclusion!  I believe there was another man named Jesse James who was a JP in Arkansas around the time of the famous Jesse James Death (or faked death) depending upon your belief in the controversy.

I am not sure at this time how any of these people connect to my lines but it is one of those interesting things I found in the boxes of papers and photos from my Grandma Thompson.  Many of these documents had passed to her from her mother Elsie Reynolds Stout.  If anyone has any information on the connections, please email me or comment below to let me know!

Treasure Chest Thursday is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites.

To participate in Treasure Chest Thursday simply create a post with the main focus being a family treasure, an heirloom or even an every-day item important to your family.

A special thanks to Leslie Ann Ballou of Lost Family Treasures for suggesting Treasure Chest Thursday as a daily blogging theme!

Asa Lawrence Family in the 1900 US Federal Census

By 1900, Asa Bennett Lawrence is married to Harriett Balentine.  They have been married for 7 years and Harriett is listed as being the mother of 4 children with all four children still living (William, Sarah, Mary, and Richard).  George and Saphrona are his children from an earlier marriage.

Shopping Saturday: Saturdays at Wal-Mart

Originally Published January 8, 2011.

Shopping was a weekly event in my family.  It was very exciting for us on Saturdays when we would go to Wal-Mart where the toys were!

We would usually get to get a toy!  Mom and Dad would take us to Wal-Mart to the toy section and we would be told to stay in the toys while they did their shopping for household items and other boring stuff that grownups would buy on shopping trips.

We could look at each toy in each aisle and then came the hard part – we had to decide on just one to take home and it had to be within our budget!  Usually I would get a barbie doll or a small game or possibly a paint by numbers set or something to draw or a kit to make something.  The possibilities were endless!

When we would get home, we would spend the rest of the afternoon playing with our new toys!  Saturdays were a good day at our house!

Note:  I was a child in the 70s and it was fairly common then for parents to drop their kids off in the toy department while they shopped – there were many other kids there too so we would all talk and help each other choose their toys.  Now, I am an adult with a niece and four nephews and I keep them within arm’s length when I take them shopping.  That says something about the world we live in.  Many of the changes in the last few decades were positive (medical advances and the technology for communications such as cell phones and the internet) but the constant fears that we have all just learned to live with are unfortunate side effects of all this PROGRESS!

Shopping Saturday is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites.

Many families – especially busy working families – would perform their weekly shopping on Saturdays. Tell us about the various stores and vendors that your ancestors used to patronize. Or perhaps your ancestors had their own store? And don’t forget to also document your own memories of stores and shopping.

Treasure Chest Thursday: Mom’s Baby Photo

Originally Published February 10, 2011.

The photo above is my Mom’s Baby Photo!  Seated are my grandparents, Sherman and Ruth Lawrence Treat.  He is holding my Aunt Johnnie and she is holding my mom, Carolyn.  Standing from left to right are Uncle Leon, Uncle Clyde, Uncle Ben, and Aunt Pat.

It’s good to see that the problems I have getting photos of several kids aren’t just me!!  Notice the crying and the looking away from the camera!

Treasure Chest Thursday is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites.

To participate in Treasure Chest Thursday simply create a post with the main focus being a family treasure, an heirloom or even an every-day item important to your family.

A special thanks to Leslie Ann Ballou of Lost Family Treasures for suggesting Treasure Chest Thursday as a daily blogging theme!


Pizza with My Nephews!

Originally Published January 29, 2011

Today’s post for 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History made me remember something that I have to share.

In the post, I mentioned that I am not a good baker!  I can cook almost any other meal but I can’t seem to bake or make desserts no matter how hard I try.

Well one night a couple of years ago my sister’s boys were coming to spend the night and I decided to serve one of the pizzas that you pick up in the deli area that are ready to bake.  I followed the directions on the pizza exactly!!  The pizza looked fine when it came out of the oven and I served it to the kids.

My younger nephew who was about 4 at the time ate one bite and then started talking about how much he loved his mama’s homemade pizza and how wonderful it was.

Then, he looked straight at me and told me that I should always go to Eureka Pizza and buy mine!

He looked so cute and then he asked if there was anything else he could eat for dinner!!  His older brother joined in and asked for something else too!

I took one bite of the pizza and discovered they were right – we definitely needed something else for dinner!  We had hotdogs and they were happy! So all’s well that ends well!


Week 20: Fame

I am re-posting some of my old blog posts to keep the history of my blog alive. This post is from the 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History blogging prompts series.

This post appeared originally on my blog on June 4, 2011.

My family has not been one for famous people.  I was in the newspaper a couple of times for a scholarship I received in high school.  My uncle was in the newspaper when he went into military service.

However, my grandparents and others were frequently mentioned in the Madison County Record newspaper for everything from visiting someone for dinner to taking a trip!

Other than these things, none of my family has really been in the paper much!  We are a pretty ordinary family with no really famous people but given the problems of fame today I am not sure that is such a bad thing!!

Week #20 – Fame

Week 20. Fame. Tell us about any local brushes with fame. Were you ever in the newspaper? Why? You may also describe any press mentions of your family members.

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Chicken Photo

Originally Published November 11, 2011.

This photo is of my dad as a small boy holding a chicken.  Perhaps more than any other single item or event, the discovery of this photo has led my genealogy work.

This photo was in a box with hundreds of other family photos that my grandmother had. Some of the photos she had taken, some had come to her from her mother and father and some even from their parents.  There were many documents and newspaper article clippings.  There were obituaries, tax records, and deeds.

Most of the photos were just loose in with the other papers and almost none of them had names or any identification on them.  But this photo did – the back of the photo says “Buster holding chicken”.  Buster was my dad’s nickname when he was a small boy.

I couldn’t stand it – the photos of all my ancestors were loose in a box with no identification whatsoever but the chicken is identified!!  I vowed right then and there to find the names for the other photos.  At least, they deserve the same respect as the chicken!!

I have made some progress.  Many of the photos in my genealogy area are from those boxes or the equally unidentified photos from my mother’s mothers boxes of photos and papers!  The unidentified photos are also included as I try to get them identified!


Week 22: Secrets

Originally Published June 4, 2011

I don’t have a whole of secrets.  I tend to be a pretty open person.  But there are lots of things about me that won’t be on any records a 100 years from now.

I am a romantic at heart!  I want the happy ending to the book or movie but I am also a lover of the crime shows and have a pretty realistic attitude about life.  There are plenty of bad people and bad things do happen to good people but I choose to focus on the good things.  Enough bad things will happen anyway there is no need to give them any more time than necessary!

I am a night owl!  I tend to stay up until late at night and then sleep until noon or after if left to my own devices.  However, I am an adult with responsibilities so I have to go to bed at least at a somewhat reasonable time so I can get up to go to work!

I love romantic comedy movies but I won’t watch a horror movie!  Even the mild ones tend to stay with me and I can’t stop thinking about them forever!


Week #22 – Secrets

Week 22. Secrets. Describe something about yourself that won’t be found on any record 100 years from now.


Week 47: Fall

Originally Published December 16, 2011

Fall in Northwest Arkansas in is a beautiful time.   The leaves change colors and the summer heat moves out and leaves the mild temperatures of Fall.  Sweaters are retrieved from the closets and schools begin.  Then, it is time for Halloween and fall festivals.  Then, Thanksgiving is on the way with Christmas waiting in the wings.

Fall is also the time for football.  Arkansas Razorbacks football is always a joy to watch (well except for a couple of the recently previous seasons but we still watched!).   High school football is a major activity for high school students across the state.

Fall is the time when we change from the cookouts of the summer to the chili, soups, and stews of the fall.

Week #47 – Fall

Week 47. Fall. What was fall like where and when you grew up? Describe not only the climate, but how the season influenced your activities, food choices, etc.

This challenge runs from Saturday, November 19, 2011 through Friday, November 25, 2011.

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History by Amy Coffin is a series of weekly blogging prompts (one for each week of 2011) that invite genealogists and others to record memories and insights about their own lives for future descendants. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. If you do not have a genealogy blog, write down your memories on your computer, or simply record them on paper and keep them with your files.


Prompt 10: Unexplained Memories

Originally Published:  November 2, 2013

I do have a few memories that were pretty weird! When I was a young girl I had several dreams in which I had these weird feelings of movement and I felt dizzy and disoriented and all I could see was this gray area surrounded by two sections of orange. I would feel weird when I would wake up from these dreams but not really afraid. The dreams continued periodically for many months. I didn’t understand the dreams and I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me in the dream. After a while the dreams stopped for a while but then I started having them again. A few months later, I had a weird experience that explained the dream to me and I never had the dream again.

We bought an orange and white blazer. Then, a few weeks later I had to go to the dentist and have a couple of fillings. The doctor had given me some medicine to knock me out while he was doing the fillings. I felt dizzy. I was about halfway home when I realized that this was how I felt in the dreams and the view of the floorboard with the orange surfaces surrounding the floorboard was the view from my dream.

I haven’t had these dreams since this day. We didn’t own the orange and white blazer when I started having the dreams and we weren’t even planning on trading cars at the at time.

I have had a few other weird experiences. I have had several dreams of conversations that I didn’t understand at the time. Sometimes, I didn’t even understand at the time of the dream the context of the conversation. The conversation would be about things I didn’t even know about at time of the dream. Then, weeks or months later I would realize that I was either observing or participating in the conversation from my previous dream.

I haven’t had one of these dreams in many years. However, the dreams have left me with a belief that psychic visions other psychic phenomena can be true. However, I also believe that many of the so-called psychics on tv and in the news are fakes.

I don’t have explanations for my own experiences but How I don’t have explanations for many of the things in the world!

Prompt 10: Unexplained Memories

  • Do you have an unexplained memory or memories?
  • Items
  • Places
  • People

Things and times you can remember, but you are not sure where they fit into your past

* * *

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