The Genealogy Do-Over Fall 2015

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Well, I wrote a post a few days ago about being back in the genealogy game.  Well, I have been toying with and starting and stopping and restarting and re-stopping my genealogy for months now.  I keep trying something new but I never seem to completely commit to a new genealogy method and then I just end up with the same mess I have had for a few years now after a few weeks with the NEW IMPROVED genealogy method.  I am tired of it.  I want to actually enjoy my genealogy time!

I am going to do a complete genealogy Do-Over!  I am going to do it right this time so that I know that the information is right and complete and accessible.  I am starting by clearing the decks so to speak!  I am clearing out all my files (Don’t get too excited here I am not throwing them away or anything but I am clearing them from the forefront of my mind and moving them to a Hold Files directory in my harddrive!)  And I do mean all of my old files!  I think I may even reformat my computer and just start with a clean slate on everything!

I am applying that same Do-Over to this website.  As you can see, I have cleared out all of the posts, pages, etc on my website and I am starting over here too.  I seem to enjoy the website most when I am just sharing my discoveries or just writing something because I want to write something.  Well, starting with this very post I am doing just that.  When I add something new to my genealogy I will share it!  Just that simple.  No more trying to keep to some predetermined structure or trying to conform to some posting schedule that I never end up keeping to anyway, I am just going to post things as I find them!

I am even doing a Do-Over in my home de-cluttering/organizing project.  I have been working on that for the past several months/years and I think I am finally making some progress there.  If it doesn’t fit with my current lifestyle then I am just getting rid of it.  I am trying to get rid of all the clutter that seems to be weighing me down and just have the stuff that I actually want and enjoy left!

I am not going to post about my methods or how I am going about the changes to my genealogy, you will just hopefully be the beneficiary of what I am finding as I look through all my old documents with new eyes and post about my discoveries (or rediscoveries as the case may be)!

More to come soon,