National Clean Off Your Desk Day and National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Today is National Clean off your Desk Day.  Apparently we now have a holiday devoted to the idea of cleaning off your desk.  Who knew!  Do we have a day for dirty up your desk or pile everything you can find in your office onto your desk?  Well, I don’t think I am going to be able to celebrate this day.  I have too much to do on Mondays to be able to take time to clean off my desk.  Does it still count if I clean it off on Friday?

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Now we have a day for dressing up our pets.  I won’t be able to celebrate this day either.  My dog doesn’t seem to think he should wear clothes!  He looks like he thinks I am crazy when I even try to make him wear a coat!

National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

OK Friends if you are with me watch out – I will find a puddle and splash you today!  I wasn’t aware before that there was a special day for this before but I am willing to take part … I just hope you are.


(I do have one question though, what happens if it doesn’t rain today – do I have to carry around buckets of water to create the puddles to splash you in???  :-D  Maybe you could all gather in one spot so I will only need to carry one bucket for the puddle to splash you with!)

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Okay, on the surface this may not seem to be the best day for me to celebrate!  I have murdered many a houseplant in my life including killing every houseplant my mother had when I was a teenager!  She had to be in the hospital for a week and had me to water her plants for her (I still think this mass murder of plants should be considered her fault because she knew my history with plants but that is an argument for another day).

However, it is only Houseplant Appreciation Day not grow a houseplant day!  I can appreciate houseplants (as long as I don’t actually do anything with them … or touch them … and I am not real sure about getting very close to them!).   :lol: