The Book of Me, Written by You: Prompt 01 – Who Are You?

The Book of Me, Written by You: Prompt 01 – Who Are You?

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This was originally published on August 31, 2013.  KST

  1. I am a voracious reader
  2. I am an aunt
  3. I am a sister
  4. I am a genealogist
  5. I am a cost accountant
  6. I am a friend
  7. I am an animal lover
  8. I am an optimist
  9. I am a pessimist
  10. I am a criminology enthusiast
  11. I am a crocheter
  12. I am a knitter
  13. I am a mystery movie lover
  14. I am a romantic
  15. I am a cousin
  16. I am a family history researcher
  17. I am a blogger
  18. I am a cook
  19. I am a computer enthusiast
  20. I am a website designer
  21. I am a person
  22. I am a scrapbooker
  23. I am an amateur photographer
  24. I am an enthusiastic but not particularly successful gardener
  25. I am a crafter

The prompt for week 1 is a recognized psychology test. Ask yourself 20 times “Who are you?” Each time you should give yourself a different answer and if you can easily go beyond 20 then that is fine too. The last time I did this (December 2012) I came up with 26. This is the sort of prompt that you can redo at various stages of your life perhaps after some changes or at the start of the New Year. This prompt is about how YOU see YOU.

The Book of Me, Written by You

By Julie Goucher 2012 – Anglers Rest Blog –


The Book of Me is a themed event enabling you to build a “Book of Me” over at least the coming year to share with your descendants, in reality this project can be as long or as short as you want it to be. So much of our time is researching our ancestors, but how much of the incidentals of our lives do we share, or know about our parents, grandparents, siblings and the people that matter to us? It is these incidental snippets that enable us to “flesh out” our ancestors and what more of a legacy could we present to our descendants or future researchers? Over the coming weeks there will be a weekly prompt enabling you to share those details and perhaps include details of things that you know of your parents, Grandparents, siblings etc. This is not just about genealogy or family history. It is about a personal journey; a journey of rediscovery of yourself and perhaps your loved ones through your eyes.