Week 22: Secrets

Originally Published June 4, 2011

I don’t have a whole of secrets.  I tend to be a pretty open person.  But there are lots of things about me that won’t be on any records a 100 years from now.

I am a romantic at heart!  I want the happy ending to the book or movie but I am also a lover of the crime shows and have a pretty realistic attitude about life.  There are plenty of bad people and bad things do happen to good people but I choose to focus on the good things.  Enough bad things will happen anyway there is no need to give them any more time than necessary!

I am a night owl!  I tend to stay up until late at night and then sleep until noon or after if left to my own devices.  However, I am an adult with responsibilities so I have to go to bed at least at a somewhat reasonable time so I can get up to go to work!

I love romantic comedy movies but I won’t watch a horror movie!  Even the mild ones tend to stay with me and I can’t stop thinking about them forever!


Week #22 – Secrets

Week 22. Secrets. Describe something about yourself that won’t be found on any record 100 years from now.