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Ancestor Appreciation Day

Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day!  This is a day to appreciate our ancestors!

Appreciating our ancestors doesn’t require any large commitment of time or money. Just spend a few minutes remembering the good times with grandma or grandpa!

Let’s all remember too that all of I our ancestors are not necessary dead. If you are lucky enough to have living grandparents give them a call or even better go see them!:-)

By the way your parents are your ancestors too so maybe a little appreciation for Mom and Dad probably wouldn’t be a bad thing either!!


Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day.  Thirty-nine brave men signed the US Constitution on September 17, 1787 making this the 225th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

The National Constitution Center has a timeline of the Constitution at http://constitutioncenter.org/exhibits/constitutional-timeline/.

Happy Constitution Day!