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Today is Women’s Equality Day.   It is also National Hot Dog Day.  First of all, to have to have a Women’s Equality Day is a national disgrace.  There should be no question that women are equal and therefore we shouldn’t need a day to celebrate our equality.  Then, we have to share the day …
Today we celebrate National Middle Child’s Day.  This the day for my sister.  She was the middle child and boy did she always let us know it!  Happy Middle Child’s Day!
Today is Book Lover’s Day!  Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love to read and always have.  Let’s all read a book today!
Today is National Chocolate Chip Day.  I feel the need to celebrate so I am going to get some chocolate chip cookies!  How are all of you celebrating this important occasion?
Today is Aunt and Uncle Day!  This is my kind of holiday!  I am an Aunt!  To my niece and nephews:  Don’t forget my special day!  I like presents!  An email or text is also a good thing!  A phone call wouldn’t be out of the question either! To my Aunts and Uncles:  Happy Aunt …