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Research and Organization Updates

kst1969   April 5, 2011   Comments Off on Research and Organization Updates

I am hard at work on my genealogy research and organization efforts this week.  Last month, I took a few days vacation and spent most of it at the Madison County Genealogical Society Library.  Since I am related to most of the families in Madison County, I could really use copies of everything in the library moved to my living… Read more »

Research Update

kst1969   March 9, 2011   Comments Off on Research Update

I haven’t been doing much research lately but I have been working on my photos and getting them organized.  I took the size of my photos directories from over 350GB to about 30GB!   I used the program Visipics to help me delete all of my duplicate photos.  I have also been organizing all of my other digital files and I… Read more »