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Surname Saturday: Waggonner

kst1969   January 1, 2011   Comments Off on Surname Saturday: Waggonner

From About.com the following information on the origins and meaning of the Wagner surname with its alternate spellings or Waggoner or Wagoner: WAGNER Definition: From the Germanic "Waganari," meaning wagonmaker or wagon driver. This common occupational surname was often given to one who transported produce or other goods via high-sided wagons or carts. Among some German populations, especially the Pennsylvania… Read more »

Surname Saturday: Treat

kst1969   December 11, 2010   Comments Off on Surname Saturday: Treat

From the Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4, from the Ancestry.com website: Treat is an Americanized spelling of German Tritt. Tritt is German: apparently from Old High German tretan ‘to step’. However, a South German family of that name are the descendants of late 16th-century immigrants from Como, Italy who bore the name de Triddi. My… Read more »

Surname Saturday: Stout

kst1969   November 19, 2010   Comments Off on Surname Saturday: Stout

My father’s mother was Gwen Stout Thompson and her father was Claude James Stout whose father was Jonothan Benjamin Stout whose father was James Madison Stout whose father was Jonothan Stout.  All of these Stouts lived at least part of their lives in Madison County, Arkansas. The Internet Surname Database shows the following as the origins of the Stout Surname:… Read more »

Surname Saturday: Keck

kst1969   November 13, 2010   Comments Off on Surname Saturday: Keck

My Keck Line is the one with my current most problem brick wall.  I would like to join the DAR through my patriot ancestor Conrad Frederick Keck but I am stuck on proving the connection from his son Andrew to Andrew’s son Frederick. Name Lab defines the Keck name as follows: Last name origins & meanings: English: from the Old… Read more »