Prompt 3: Describe your physical self.

Originally Published September 14, 2013.

This is a photo of me taken in 2009 at Christmas time.  I usually keep my hair in the same style.  I typically wear clothes in the style shown here.  This is me!

The prompt for week 3 is

Describe your physical self.

Your size – clothes size


Eye colour

Draw your hands

Finger Prints

The Book of Me, Written by You is a real opportunity to explore your memories, thoughts, information from your life, things that you can remember, and perhaps the passing on of oral history.

This is a chance to explore yourself and create a legacy for future generations. This is truly a road of self discovery and exploration.

The prompts will be delivered each week from 31st August 2013 through until the end of December 2014 via Thomas at Geneabloggers and via the Anglers Rest blog. There is a Facebook group set up read for discussion. You can read all about the project and find out what it is all about and sign up to the Facebook page HERE