Prompt 5: Your Childhood Home

My Childhood Home was not a particular house for me.  We lived in several homes when I was a kid. I think we moved at least once a year until I was in 4th grade and then we lived in the same house from the then until I was a sophomore in High School.  Later we moved back to the Springdale area and we again moved several times while I was in high school.

I never felt that the house we lived in was all of that significant when I was a child.  Home was just wherever we lived at the time.

My favorite room in the house was always the living room.  This is where I spent most of my time.  The TV was in the living room and we ate most of our meals in the living room.  We didn’t have a traditional dinner time tradition like the shows that I watched on TV when I was a child but we did have our tradition.  We would make dinner every night when Mom and Dad got home from work and then we would take our plates into the living room and eat dinner when while we watched our evening TV shows.  We didn’t just watch TV though we talked about our days and the current news and anything else that came to mind.  We all discussed the events of our day and everyone had a chance to talk about their day and anything going on with them.

We didn’t just have those conversations like they show on TV where every kid told about the results of their latest spelling test or when the next test was and the parents would say some patronizing comment about that that was good or bad though.  We actually had discussions about what was going on our opinions were listened to and valued (long before that was fashionable).  We would equally talk about what went on at work with each of my parents and anything that was going on with anyone in the extended families.  Some of our best discussions when I got a little older had do with the events of the world and politics and whatever was in the news.  There were times I remember from my childhood of sitting in the living room as a family discussing our lives and the events of the world late into the night until none of us could hold off sleep anymore.  Our home was the living room of whatever house we were living in at the time.


The most constant houses I remember from my childhood are my grandparents homes and the home of my Great-Grandfather Claude Stout.   Grandma and Grandpa Treat lived on the Don 1 Farm for Tyson Foods until  was a teenager and Grandma and Grandpa Thompson lived at 205/315 Old Wire Road in Springdale (They lived in the same house but the address changed when the 911 system was added to the Springdale area.)  My Great-Grandfather Claude Stout lived a couple of blocks away from my Grandma and Grandpa Thompson on Brogden Street in Springdale.  I remember visiting all of them many times throughout my childhood!



The prompt for week 5 is Your Childhood Home

When did you leave home?

Where was it?

Where did you move to?

Was it rented or owned? –  with parents/Grandparents

Was it inherited

What was it like – describe it – each room.

Were there a favourite room?

Is there anything you particularly remember from the house?


The road & area

The Book of Me, Written by You is a real opportunity to explore your memories, thoughts, information from your life, things that you can remember, and perhaps the passing on of oral history.

This is a chance to explore yourself and create a legacy for future generations. This is truly a road of self discovery and exploration.

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