Prompt 8: Time Capsule

Originally Published July 14, 2014.

My time capsule would be for the grandchildren of my niece and nephews and the generations to follow them.  I would want them to know about not only my life and the lives of my parents and grandparents but of the preceding generations as well.

I was lucky enough to know some of my great-grandparents and to hear some stories of their parents and even of their grandparents.  I want to make sure that those are not lost to those that follow me.  I would put the family history books that I am currently writing in my time capsule.  I am trying to make my family history book a story of our family and not just a lot of names and dates – although of course those are in the book.  But I want it make the people seem like real people.

We all have our hopes and dreams, our struggles and triumphs, our good times and bad, and I want to show those not just the info to be found on the tombstones.  I want to fill in the dash on the tombstones because as someone once said the dash is what became of the life of the person.  The dash is the pages of the book while the birth and death dates are just the covers.

Prompt 8: Time Capsule

You can choose who to create the time capsule for as that will influence what you put (or would put into your time capsule)

The creation of a time capsule a. you can do this in the literal sense or b. you can simply write what you would place into your time capsule and why. It is much more fun to create though!

  • You may choose to create a time capsule for your children, or a niece/nephew, for grandchildren – A physical item that you will give to a named person.
  • Why have you chosen that person and when do you intend for them to have it?
  • You may choose to create a time capsule of your home and leave it for someone in the future to find.
  • You may want to create a time capsule relating to an actual event or anniversary

If you create a physical time capsule, what did you choose to use as your capsule and


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