Treasure Chest Thursday: Letter from GL Jarvis to James Stout – 1909

Originally Published January 27, 2011.

As I am going through my grandmother’s papers, I recently found a letter from 1909.  It is from a GL Jarvis of Oklahoma to my Great-Great-Grandfather James M Stout.

March 2, 1909 Muldrow, Okla
Mr. James Stout, Carter, Ark.
Dear Brother,
As I have ben resting for a month or two I now feel able to resume my work in holding meetings. The last time I saw you, you mentioned several places where you wanted me to hold meetings Please give me the names up there points again and also give me the address of someone at each place so that I may send appointments to them. I have two meetings here to hold and I will then go to Brentwood, Ark and then to there other points which you mentioned before.

Hoping to ear from you soon. I am your Brother in Christ

G.L. Jarvis, Muldrow, Okla


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