Treasure Chest Thursday: My Baby Photo

Originally Published November 18, 2010.

I am the cute little baby in the arms of my mother next to my father.  The photo was taken in probably March or April of 1969.  For a long time, I thought all of my baby photos had been lost as we moved around a lot when I was a child but a few years ago I found this photo in some of my grandmothers photos.  My dad is missing some of his head but my family has never been known for their great photography abilities!

I actually found other photos along with this one that show me as a very small child but this is my favorite and the earliest known photo of me as a baby.  The others are of my as a toddler and my sister as a baby!

(By the way, these few photos aren’t the only photos of me as a child, I have many photos of my childhood.  I just didn’t have any until I was about 4-5 before I found these.)