Treasure Chest Thursday: Summons signed by Jesse James JP

Originally Published February 3, 2011

State of Arkansas

County of Washington

You are hereby commanded to summons Jake Martins to appear be me my office in White River Township on the 2nd Day of March 1882 at 10 o’clock A.M. then ?? to testify in case pending wherein GW Young Plantiff and Andrew Robbins is dependent.

Given under my hand this 29 day of February 1882.

Jesse H James JP.

I don’t think this is that “Jesse James”  but it took a few moments the first time I saw it to make that conclusion!  I believe there was another man named Jesse James who was a JP in Arkansas around the time of the famous Jesse James Death (or faked death) depending upon your belief in the controversy.

I am not sure at this time how any of these people connect to my lines but it is one of those interesting things I found in the boxes of papers and photos from my Grandma Thompson.  Many of these documents had passed to her from her mother Elsie Reynolds Stout.  If anyone has any information on the connections, please email me or comment below to let me know!

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