Treasure Chest Thursday: The Chicken Photo

Originally Published November 11, 2011.

This photo is of my dad as a small boy holding a chicken.  Perhaps more than any other single item or event, the discovery of this photo has led my genealogy work.

This photo was in a box with hundreds of other family photos that my grandmother had. Some of the photos she had taken, some had come to her from her mother and father and some even from their parents.  There were many documents and newspaper article clippings.  There were obituaries, tax records, and deeds.

Most of the photos were just loose in with the other papers and almost none of them had names or any identification on them.  But this photo did – the back of the photo says “Buster holding chicken”.  Buster was my dad’s nickname when he was a small boy.

I couldn’t stand it – the photos of all my ancestors were loose in a box with no identification whatsoever but the chicken is identified!!  I vowed right then and there to find the names for the other photos.  At least, they deserve the same respect as the chicken!!

I have made some progress.  Many of the photos in my genealogy area are from those boxes or the equally unidentified photos from my mother’s mothers boxes of photos and papers!  The unidentified photos are also included as I try to get them identified!