Week 27: Vacations

Originally Published:  July 3, 2011.

I don’t remember us taking family vacations as many do today by taking a trip to some specific place or area.  We just didn’t do that.  We spent a lot of time together as a family but I don’t remember any vacations.  When mom and dad were off work for their vacations we would often spend them around our home sleeping late and taking little day trips to do fun things in the area.  Sometimes even going to the lake and fishing and swimming.

We did visit relatives several times especially during the summer.   My family moved to Green Forest when I was in 4th grade.  After we moved there, about an hour and a half from the Springdale area where all my grandparents lived, we would come to Springdale for at least a week or two during the summer.  Mom and Dad would bring us to one of the grandparents’ homes and then they would transfer us to the other set’s home where Mom and Dad would pick us up.  We would spend those days talking with the grandparents and often getting took to the store for candy!   What better way to spend a couple of weeks in the summer!

We also frequently took trips to the lake and even spent some time camping.   I remember us going once to a place called Beavertown and camping there for several days with my Dad’s extended family.  My Great-Grandfather Claude Stout and my Great-Aunt Mabel Stout Parsons were there.  Most if not all of my cousins were there.  We spent time playing and fishing and swimming and just generally having a great time.

Now, I am told that we went to that same place many times but I only remember being there one time!  I do remember camping several other times at various lakes around the area but not at Beavertown.

As an adult, I don’t usually take “vacations” either.  I prefer to just take several long weekends and do fun things in the area or just relax and spend time with family.

However, I have taken one fun vacation!  In 2009, I took a week and went to Little Rock for the 2009 FGS Conference.  I had a wonderful time!  I would love to do that again sometime but it isn’t going to happen this year unfortunately!

Week 27. Vacations. Where did your family go on vacation? Did you have a favorite place? Is it still there? If not, how has the area changed? This challenge runs from Saturday, July 2, 2011 through Friday, July 8, 2011.