Week 29: Water

Originally Published:  November 10, 2011.

Northwest Arkansas where I live is an area with many lakes, rivers, and streams.  My family spent a lot of time fishing and swimming when I was a kid.

The lake that I probably remember the most is Elmdale Lake in Springdale.  It is a smaller man-made lake but that is where my Dad’s parents spent a lot of time fishing and camping when I was a kid.  We would often go there with them!

We would also go to the Hickory Creek camping area on Beaver lake.  We spent many happy hours fishing and camping there.  When I was in grade school we went camping several times on Table Rock lake, too.

I never learned to really swim but I like to play and paddle around in the swimming areas.  The most fun that I would have though while we were camping was when it would start to get dark and we would sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows and talk for hours.  It was really a great time!

The time that I remember the most was when all of Dad’s extended family went fishing and camping at Beavertown.  Mom and my aunt, and sister and brother and my cousins all walked over this really tall bridge (I am afraid of heights and I hated this part!) and went to this little animal place.  I remember the peacocks with their beautiful feathers and the little gift shop where we all bought toys.  We had a really wonderful time that weekend swimming fishing and playing with all the cousins.

Week #29 – Water

Week 29: Water. Do you have any memories of the sea or another body of water? Did you live there or just visit? What did you do there? You can also describe a body of water by which you live or visit in the present day.

This challenge runs from Saturday, July 16, 2011 through Friday, July 22, 2011.

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