I am restarting my website! I have removed all the old posts and I am starting from scratch with this blog.

I am going to try something new in my genealogy. I am going to continue using apps such as Ancestry and family search for researching my family history but I am going to try something different for my family history. I am going to have a set of essentially coffee table style scrapbooks.

However, there is a twist with these old school type notebooks: I will be creating these notebooks digitally with my iPad and apple pencil. I used my iPad as a planner and keep it with me all the time so now with the digital notebooks I will have my family history with me too.

The digital notebooks will also allow me the freedom to just write what I want to write and include as many photos and document images as I want without worrying about how to fit that information into the formats required by database programs. I will be able to just write whatever information I want to share. The digital notebooks will be created using goodnotes. Goodnotes will also allow me to copy the information between notebooks without having to rewrite the information for each notebook. The length of the notebooks won’t be a problem either because I can carry a room full of binders in my iPad.

I look forward to sharing my genealogy with you as I explore this new genealogy methodology!


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